Surgical techniques

There are several surgical techniques. Read more about them below:

Debridement and split-thickness skin grafting

Debridement – the removal of dead tissue from the burn – and split-thickness skin grafting (SSG) is a common technique to treat burn wounds. A well performed debridement is key to success. These steps will take you from preparation to postoperative care.

SSG Harvesting from the scalp

The scalp is the preferred donor site for split-thickness skin grafts (SSG), especially in children. This technique requires training. If the clinician is not trained, […]

Meek technique

The Meek technique is a useful technique for patients with extensive burn wounds who do not have sufficient donor sites available to close the burn wounds with general autologous skin grafts at once, even after meshing.

Harvesting Full Thickness Graft (FTG)

Full-thickness grafts (FTGs) are thicker and more resistant to contraction than split-thickness skin grafts (SSGs). Harvesting an FTG creates a full thickness donor site defect that needs to be closed. This means the skin elasticity limits the amount of skin that can be harvested.