Management of granulation tissue

Granulation tissue is new connective tissue with a combination of small blood vessels and fibroblasts. It is formed during the process of wound healing by secondary intention.

What is hypergranulation tissue?

Hypergranulation tissue is spongy, friable, and deep-red colored. Hypergranulation tissue usually occurs due to excessive inflammation. This is especially true for deep dermal burns and full thickness burns that are not treated with skin grafts and may become subject to stimuli causing excessive inflammation, such as infection, dermatitis, occlusive dressings, use of SSD for longer than 1 week, friction from external devices or foreign bodies.

Treatment of hypergranulation tissue

Treat small areas of hypergranulation tissue with topical agents that reduce moisture. For example:

Larger areas of hypergranulation tissue may require surgical excision. Excision of these larger areas of hypergranulation should be followed by skin grafting to cover the wound

Management of granulation tissue


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