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Negative pressure therapy

Negative pressure therapy (NPT) involves applying sub-atmospheric pressure to the burn wound. The use of NPT in burn care is increasing. It is applied to […]

Enzymatic debridement

Debridement of burn wounds can be achieved using both surgical and non-surgical methods. Enzymatic debridement is a form of non-surgical debridement; the most commonly described and clinically applicable form of enzymatic debridement is NexoBrid®.

Conservative treatment for specific burn areas

The location of the burn wound is an important factor in how to approach conservative treatment. This page summarizes the specific considerations for burns to different parts of the body.

Conservative treatment strategies

Burn wounds can be treated conservatively, either fully or temporarily while awaiting surgery. In cases where surgery is likely to be required, initial conservative treatment reduces the surface area requiring wound excision and grafting, resulting in a reduction in surgery time and limits blood loss.