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How to perform combined flaps

With combined flaps, you can use multiple flaps in one design, which is helpful for correcting contractures in folds, such as the elbow crease or […]

How to perform interposition flaps

Interposition flaps are a suitable surgical technique to treat broad contractures that cover larger areas. General principles Broad contractures that cover larger areas (e.g. are […]

How to perform an archetypal Z-plasty

The Z-plasty is a surgical technique often used for burn contractures on mobile parts of the body that uses local flaps. General principles In a […]

Contractures in specific areas

Contractures from burn injuries are seen all over the human body, but some areas often present in a similar way. This enables us to provide […]

Surgical techniques for reconstruction of the defect

After you have released the contracture, you should close the defect. You can use the reconstructive ladder as a stepwise approach to the different options […]

Surgical burn contracture release

In burn contracture release surgery, it is vital to plan the release incision and reconstruction of the defect. Scars can contract to varying degrees, from […]

Different types of contractures

A contracture has various characteristics, like size, depth, location, shape and quality of surrounding skin. It is important to address these before selecting an adequate […]

Burn scar contracture treatment

Burn scars are known for their poor cosmetic appearance and contracture formation, and patients may therefore require surgery. Contracture formation often leads to functional impairment, […]

Treatment of scar-related problems

Scar therapy mainly focuses on relieving the patient’s inconveniences. However, there is limited evidence supporting the effect of different treatment options on scar maturation. Time […]

Anti-contracture positioning

Burns can be incredibly painful and difficult to manage. The most comfortable position for the patient depends on the anatomical location of burns and follows […]